Day 10: Reflexive Responsibility

And on the tenth day, he looked back, and marked based on past criteria what had gone well.


This has gone well! Making morning running in the sunlight a habit was surprisingly easy. Sometimes I have procrastinated on getting out of bed knowing that running would be coming, and on some days I did run as late as 40 minutes after waking, but I ran nonetheless.

Today in particular I ran only about a quater as much as usual — my legs were aching, I needed a rest day. I did still walk the two laps in the glorious sunlight though. I wonder — is 15-30 minutes of sunlight in the morning enough? Is 10 minutes of jogging enough? Would five minutes of more intense running serve me better?

Protect Zone

This has generally been poor, pushing it further and further into the night each time. Thus it’s the goal of the next cycle to place increased respect into the protected zone, dimming the lights earlier (around 20:30). Starting the movie earlier (around 21:30, movie because they are surpringly good at knocking me out) and starting the night routine earlier.

As for stress, I’ve been tryhing to follow the rule of keeping stress piled in the first half of the day. See, for instance, my current daily schedule:

Dense, rapid to discord pings now takes place during the email slot in the first half of the day, leaving the evening Discord as part of ‘Browsing’ one of (mostly) rest and leisure.

Forced Awakenings

I’m fortunate in that for the past 2 days it appears as though my brothers cycle has shifted forward in my favour, meaning he isn’t running about in the morning, waking me up. Thus I’ve been waking up gently to perhaps a pitter patter of noise from far away, and to the gentle sunlight streaming into my room through the cracks of my curtains. 2 days does not make a pattern however. We shall see with the white noise.

So… Success?:

Today I woke up mostly naturally around 8:15 or so. I was tired out of my mind, but I woke up. The goal began as waking up feeling okay at 9:00. I am waking up naturally not feeling okay at 8:15. What do you think? Has it been a success so far? And why would that happen anyway?

Other Factors that may be important to consider:

  • tracking peaks in alertness and fatigue
  • caffeine
  • food compisition
  • stress?


I was reading a lot about responsibility during my SuperMemo reps today. I may have some nuanced (for me) thoughts regarding this come tomorrow, ripe for misinterpretation. We shall see.

Happy New Year!

One thought on “Day 10: Reflexive Responsibility

  1. All planning and reasoning is spotless. However, “I was tired out of my mind” is a proof that the circadian cycle does not fully co-operate. This is not how young life should look like (despite a fantastic schedule). Phase shift and stabilization are the first step. Perfectly creative happy morning mind must the be ultimate criterion of success. So that would be my prime wish for 2021!


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