Day 11: Habit Maintence

Short post from my today to primarily ensure the habit decidedly does stay.

I need to do more excerceise. I’ll be trying to fit in at least one large daytime excursion each day.

I’ve been experiencing quite a dip in energy from about 3-5pm, making it very hard to work then. I might either a) take the excursion then or b) watch Netflix and chillax then insemtead of from 7-10pm, as my energies pretty high then.

Ps I found a radical automation app for Android (Macro Android) that should provide extremely useful…

3 thoughts on “Day 11: Habit Maintence

  1. Peter says:

    Dip at “3-5pm” is great news. This points to 7am-10am natural waking time (17-7=10,15-8=7). Waking up “brain dead” might be an indicator of waking up too early or in an entirely wrong time (if your cycle was going independent of dark-light period). You mention a burst of energy after exercise, and that time could be your optimum waking time.


  2. raj says:

    Are you currently mainly doing cardio (running, biking)? It might be worth looking into how to start calisthenics though you’d have to find some space. I recommend fitbod for autogenned workout recommendations or otherwise the beginner bodyweight workout from nerdfitness. Buying resistance bands can also give you a lot of options over just pure calisthenics (and they aren’t expensive nor space consuming)


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