Day 80: Magic Temp Cure Desperation

I have Very Important Exams in 2 weeks. They last for 2 weeks. I need energy. Am tolerant to like 150mg caffeine, maybe 200.

Caffiene is least-terrifying thing i can imagine getting me through then. 2 weeks is just enough for caffiene tolerance reset (though that means my revision will basically suck.)

Slowly going down on caffiene will take too long. I should just cut it all out.

It’ll screw me and be painful but I think I’m just going to not take my 150mg today and just continue like this for seven days (it’s hardly been helping anyway)


Day 7x: Skiperoo

Apologies for lack of posts in the past week.

Did not get up to the energy from the first day of school (march 8th) on any days since.

Been sleeping at like 2100-2200

I had a temptation to ask higher beings for some energy just for the exams.

“You can have anything you want, as long as you want it more than anything.” ~ Naval Ravikant

Do I not want to fix sleep enough?

I haven’t gotten blood test, or called GP for allergy. (calling them now! on phone now as i type this!) filling in allergy and cortisol test form now

Day 76: Slep Sigh

On saturday sleep was from around 2300 (call) – 07:00, was super tired. But the call i had boosted energy by like 300%!

Super tired on sunday too. Think caffeine tolerant again. sigh, I think. SUPER tired from like 1300-1700 every day, napping shouldn’t be too hard when i try again.

Tired as i write this now at 0630 after morning workout. gonna try that this week. Also evening cold showers, which worked for Cold showers make me extrutiatingly itchy.

Day 75: Caffeine Withdrawal Ok

On Friday I forgot to take caffeine in the morning at all and I expected the withdrawal to be terrible but I was actually.. okay? Quite tired but nothing very expected and I did not feel miserable and hopeless. Probably uncoincidentally i was around other human beings.

In getting off screens at 20:30 and waking up at 0630 going to sleep early (earlier than 2200) has been surprisingly easy, it being hard to even stay awake since just lying there in bed thinking / reading / listening to music is so cozy and then i’m out. Good extreme challenge!

But still feeling crappy. When challenge over i may move no screens to like 2100 or 2100 and sleep slightly later but still wake up at 0630 and see how effects

Day 74: Timeskip

Doing no screens after 20:30 challenge and had been doing alien mechanic last thing before slepe on phone so that’s why no posts, sorry.

Back at school, waking up at 0630, 150mg caffeien, 25mg at 1300

monday was great, tuesday very much brain-sludge

but i’m sleeping so early. Gettinginto bed and just lying there happily pondering at like 2100 without forcing myself, just wanting to rest, and then dozing off swiftly.

Not feeling lovely rn at 07:00 though. Brain sludge. take iron? think i will.

Afternoon caffeine makes whole problem about 60% better i think.

Day 72: Socialiality

Today was like 95% calls and talking to people. This is very beneficial to brain power.

Very broken sleep at night, to my memory (remember checking time and it was like 0200, I probably fell asleep and woke up but didn’t feel as such)

But maybe that’s because I’m not respecting 0rotevted zone nearly enough. Is starting at like 2200, 2230 these days.

But with afternoon caffeine I have so much brainpower! Sufficient, even!

Tired, definately tired, but sufficient brainpower.

Dehumidifier is still running.

(Quote I would’ve liked to include in an earlier blog, not for this one: )


Day 70: Euphorific

Felt absolutely fantastic today. Totally totally great.

25 mg caffeine at about 13:00, 150mg spin apon waking

Got so much work done

Super low energy from like 13-15 perhaps shouldve napped

Woke around 2000

Day 69: Euphoria

Think I got to sleep a little past midnight last night I believe.

Introduced to the idea of staying up for 24 hours or so. If it works that’d be tramendous.

Ran a bit later today but got morning sunlight by working in garden

Afternoon caffeine: felt super euphoric and great!

Day 68: Broken Night, Alright Day

Night was absolutely OBLITERATED. Took ages to get to sleep and was stuffy and fell in and out of dazed hallucinations while feeling awake and only properly sleeping at like 4am if I remember right.

Dehumidifier is here and up and running! It’ll run for 12 hours straight tonight! I’m so excited!!!!

Took caffeine at 1300 today instead of 1400 because of what it did to sleep yesterday.

Thought day felt alright! Pretty invigorated! Was focused on a call for like 3 hours from 1800-2100

Spent some time analysing excactly the purpose of computer and whittling it down. There’s something to be said for working through fatigue, a perspective that’s vitally different between adult and child. An adult mustn’t decapacitate a child so badly, but when the child has important work and two months to do it and simply no time…

Got cycle route now. Awesome.

I deeply wanna wake up at like 0700 and meditate. Life would be 200% better I think.