Day 62: Morning Exhaustion.

Was super tired at night, moved slightly (climbed a ladder to my own bed) and it took me like another hour to fall asleep.

Was exhausted come morning, and throughout day.

Seems I’m.doimg a sort of backpeddle in alertness. I will fix the outside light now.

Day 61: Sunshine

Took 150mg caffeine today, 25 more than usual.

Perhaps related, I think correlated: felt far, FAR more enthusiasm and excited today. I need stuff to do, stuff to work on, smart happy kind people to talk to

School is certainly resuming march 8th. I want to apply stoicsm but school is scary.

Still felt tired beneath energy. Think it’s because of forced early awaekining due to window alignment that lets sunlight stream through room.

Day 60: SuperTired

Was SuperTired throughout the day today too.

Have I been coasting on cfaoiene coveri f up caffeine these past days and now I’m tolerant again?

Or is it just because I missed excercise again?

Woke up naturally I think… Artificially postponed sleep at night with movie.mistake.

Day 59: Daytime Tiredness

Was pretty darn sleepy for most of the day. like a 4/5/6.

Have been leaving the window open slightly more and waking up to sunlight illuminating room which is great and feels like (I like the Sun).

I realised what was wrong with the tracker opening and should be getting that glorious yummy data back soon.

Would love to wake up at 6am to get 2 hours deep work before school on normal days. Alas, it’s likely in this holiday i’ve forgot what the total horrible mental fog fatigue is like and am more willing to take rash acts like that than otherwise. But i wont… I wont.

Day 58: Flow

Fairly tired most of day but passion and flow makes work eAsy. School resumes on Monday, not excited.

Light streamed into room which was great, sleep mask very helpful
Still in recovery from cycle.

Day 57: Decaf

I think I only took 100mg caffeine today, forgot to take the 25mg

I haven’t seen my sleep tracker in a little bit and as such have stopped doing it, I think I broke something with the automation that’s supposed to shove it in my face.

Should’ve given myself earlier sleep opportunity yesterday since massive cycle would’ve made that easier. woke up with something of a headache today, assuming cos so much excercise with too little sleep

didn’t walk / run today. Went outside for all of 5 seconds

didn’t do much

Day 58: Phase Advance Adventure

Cycled for a Super Duper Super long time today, body totally wrecked, should get high quality sleep (is 22:40 rn)

+ social amphtamines (masks, distant)

Social amphtamines are insanely powerful, felt so giddy

Woke up naturally at like 08:00 which was super shocking

School looms… (March 8th? Online begins on Monday)

Day 56: Correct Sleep Phase = Joy

Reading before bed still great. 30 mins of fiction reading challenge going good. Love fiction so much, have missed it.

Felt pretty darn great today! Mood was extraordinary! So happy!

Think it’s because I slept perhaps 30 mins past midnight, having been kept up by speaking to brother (which is so unexplainably entertaining)

Woke up naturally around 08:30 which is 30 or so minutes earlier than usual.

Shall I aim to sleep past midnight every day then?

I may be getting CBT for anxiety

Am following the make time method of scheduling 1 big highlight of the day which is going great with the previous nothingness exploration and frequently leading to INTENSE feelings of excitement when I realise what I want the next days highlight to be, like my entere body is on board just BRIMMING with potential.

Doing 1 hour. Outside challenge each day and that could be helping in generally making me happier since no screen + excercise + adventure + some glorious thinking time, tonnes of great ideas in brain. Getting totally lost in thought while sitting in random places and hardly notici g since so content and entertained.

Also perhaps feeling great cos no school thus can have nice quality no disturbance morning routine with run + food + 30 mins meditation feels greatm truly stellar.

Smaller computer text = better eyesight?

Schools opening on march 8th perhaps. Need to push forward work on letting school sleep later, love how good I felt (but highlight is already picked for tomorrow and so FUN!!! Looking forward anyway)

Day 56: Bodily Bliss

When a sound wakes me up in the early morning but it’s still sleep.time and I lie there, my body exhausted, brain exhausted, but still being able to just lie there in half sleep — bliss.

Until light turns on at 09:00 and I get up. Don’t want to let phase delays get too far forward. Super tired about now, like headache type tired, but worthy cost of a single day in grand scheme of the benefits of not letting phase delays go wild?

Reading before bed is still love