Day 9: Into the Me

It’s been brought to my attention that my diet may be having an effect here, so I’ll note that today I ate:

Breakfast – Rice Pudding (just white rice and milk, no sugar, about 2 bowls)

Lunch – Foo Foo and Stew (African dish of rice-type food)

Dinner – White Rice and Stew

And a tiny chocolate.

I “napped” (air quotes because I am still yet to be able to fall asleep) for quite a while, upwards of 30 minutes at about 1500. After that I was totally out of it with exhaustion, managing to work for about another hour before all hope was lost. I managed to stir myself to go on a short bike ride, eat, then return to Netflix for another hour, so tired that moving seemed insurmountable. This feeling continued until about 21:00 or so? then burst of energy and now at 2230 back to tiredness. I wonder what this means (caffeine, is it you? I did take slightly less of you today in the afternoon than usual).

As for respecting protected zone, I’m yet to add an actual schelling point on how to achieve this. FocusMe blocks are probably best. How do others do this?

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