Daytime Sleep and Placebos

Today was first day of proper dosage.

Was super tired all day, but as I took the 7~ drops of it at 15:30 it could have only been from the fact I got to sleep at like 3 the night before last for non-obvious reasons (on a day I accidentally took closer to 1mg)

Had very wacky dreams.

Strangely, I was so tired in the whole evening I think I could have actually fallen asleep during the daytime. Like at 18:00 or whatever. At night so tired didn’t change at all. There are a couple levels of fatigue and immense desire not to move is one of the more intense ones.

Nevertheless, today as actually Day 1, so no need to draw any long-range conclusions from previous.

Also, I was warned it could be a placebo. Of course, if you don’t think something is dangerous for someone, and they’re not sacrificing something huge for something, telling them with certainty it’s going to be a placebo is borderline cruelty.

If you’re worried it’s going to be dangerous for them, tell them it’s dangerous and explain why. If you’re worried it’s going to be expensive, tell them not to buy another unless it works in order to save money.

(100mg~ caffeine as control)

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