Noise Everywhere – Help Me

Seriously: what else can I do, where else can I go. How on earth can I turn off these darn senses that keep waking me up? Everyday I’m woken up by either 1) Movement (a) brother shaking bunk bed / b) footsteps) 2) People speaking 3) Light

1) Movement

Problem: If I sleep on bunk bed in my room, then when my brother gets out to go to school in the morning he shakes it and it invariably wakes me up no matter what. 95% certainty this still applies if I’m on bottom bunk but have not tried out in very long. Also when trying to fall asleep the footsteps of people in the corridor are painfully loud and feel like submachine guns in my ears. (Hyperbole but they are SO distracting). Solution: Sleeping on sofa downstairs. people walking around downstairs doesn’t make as loud footsteps and no brother climbing on bed. Cons: Far more uncomfortable and harder to get to sleep

2) People Speaking

Less of a problem when in my own room, especially because here i have a right for people to not make noise in the morning. Less so downstairs. Problem: 8yo brother and mother getting ready for school each morning shouting about where clothes are and having breakfast and watching TV and being super loud. Attempted solution: Play white noise through bluetooth sleep mask with earplugs but I need to play it so loudly to even approach fully not hearing them and I hear ringing afterwards so I think it’s bad for my ears. 3) Light: Once I wake up from that, the daylight downstairs is super bright and it wakes me up instantly and I can’t fall back asleep. In my own room this is less of a problem due to blackout-y curtains. Maybe I can put these up downstairs? But then family would be annoying about it.

Main idea is: make brother sleep downstairs. Then I get the darkness and quiet and dominion over one room without being awoken by his footsteps and bed shakiness. But him and my mum are gonna be super annoying about this. Incredibly annoying. I hate trying to convince people of things SO MUCH. SO much. Please help, how can I turn off my hearing??? What else can I do? Where else can i go? What solution am I missing? What on earth can I do? I wish I had an empty room in the void to sleep in SO BADLY. I’d pay so much. How can I get that? Please help. I have a horrible relationship with my elder sister and a fairly not great one with my younger sister. — Room available in house:
  1. Me + my brothers bedroom
  2. My sisters bedroom
  3. My mother’s bedroom
  4. The living room
  5. The bathroom
  6. The kitchen
  7. The garden

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