Day 68: Broken Night, Alright Day

Night was absolutely OBLITERATED. Took ages to get to sleep and was stuffy and fell in and out of dazed hallucinations while feeling awake and only properly sleeping at like 4am if I remember right.

Dehumidifier is here and up and running! It’ll run for 12 hours straight tonight! I’m so excited!!!!

Took caffeine at 1300 today instead of 1400 because of what it did to sleep yesterday.

Thought day felt alright! Pretty invigorated! Was focused on a call for like 3 hours from 1800-2100

Spent some time analysing excactly the purpose of computer and whittling it down. There’s something to be said for working through fatigue, a perspective that’s vitally different between adult and child. An adult mustn’t decapacitate a child so badly, but when the child has important work and two months to do it and simply no time…

Got cycle route now. Awesome.

I deeply wanna wake up at like 0700 and meditate. Life would be 200% better I think.

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