Day 56: Correct Sleep Phase = Joy

Reading before bed still great. 30 mins of fiction reading challenge going good. Love fiction so much, have missed it.

Felt pretty darn great today! Mood was extraordinary! So happy!

Think it’s because I slept perhaps 30 mins past midnight, having been kept up by speaking to brother (which is so unexplainably entertaining)

Woke up naturally around 08:30 which is 30 or so minutes earlier than usual.

Shall I aim to sleep past midnight every day then?

I may be getting CBT for anxiety

Am following the make time method of scheduling 1 big highlight of the day which is going great with the previous nothingness exploration and frequently leading to INTENSE feelings of excitement when I realise what I want the next days highlight to be, like my entere body is on board just BRIMMING with potential.

Doing 1 hour. Outside challenge each day and that could be helping in generally making me happier since no screen + excercise + adventure + some glorious thinking time, tonnes of great ideas in brain. Getting totally lost in thought while sitting in random places and hardly notici g since so content and entertained.

Also perhaps feeling great cos no school thus can have nice quality no disturbance morning routine with run + food + 30 mins meditation feels greatm truly stellar.

Smaller computer text = better eyesight?

Schools opening on march 8th perhaps. Need to push forward work on letting school sleep later, love how good I felt (but highlight is already picked for tomorrow and so FUN!!! Looking forward anyway)

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