Day 51: Incremental Arson

The big tiredness dip came around 20:00 again. Seems like I’m falling into pattern. I don’t want to get used to Incrememntal video in bed because that seems engrossing enough and passive enough to be able to slip into the night easily.

In protected zone: incrementally read on laptop till super tired then read on phone till couldn’t keep eyes open. Nonfiction good for reading in bed since not engrossing I’ve learned.

Thoughts during protected zone? gone. Nothing but a rememnent (that rememnent being the fact that there were thoughts)

sleep was screwed by heat in room radiator was turned on last minute and openedd window to counter heat and bus and dogs and park woke me up unpleasantly

The nothingness strategy’s failing and leading to a bunch of youtube and aimless. Would like to go to maybe 2 hours of work a day.

(My sister as she turned on the radiator after I turned it off :P — AJR – Burn The House Down – YouTube)

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