Day 48: Stress is Bad

If someone tells you they are suffering and they need your help, believe them. For if they are lying and you deny help, little is lost. But if they tell the truth and you deny help, you torture them in your passivity, and duplicate your torture through not believing them.

Humans confirm their experiences by sharing then with others, so begging for help with sleep and being told ‘I am fine’ is psycologiy terrifying. Thank God I have friends and decades of sleep science.

Vitamins may be necessary but aren’t sufficient for my sleep problem.

Taking vitamins is not equal to fixing sleep problems.

As you’ll see up in this feed, these last 10 or so days when I’ve been waking up slightly later I’ve been feeling miles better, and the says in which I was forcibly awaking for school but

The tiredness in the morning was like a drug. Woke up at 07:35 to my mum’s piano playing and was super tired and house was super quiet and drifted in sorta asleep for an hour ish.

Reasonably alert most of day. Dip at 22:00

Have not taken nap attempts for a week+ due to poor planning reasons (haven’t used SM Plan for 3+ days due to Doing Stuff Fast (information diet? Mini meditation retreat?)

Some things that are bad: obedience, phones, stress, ideas which you can’t capture, disbelief when people tell you they are suffering.

Some things that are good: tribes, friends to share stress with, people who understand your plight, money, mineceaft, freedom.

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