Day 47: Silence the Internet

Did a whole lotta thinking today. Doing stuff is bad. Internet is bad because choices are bad and internet is infinite choice. Thus I had extremely little internet today. I think 2/3 hours in tota before my call at 18:00, extremely focused, felt great.

Felt pretty alert for the morning silence (a lot of lying about, scribbling stuff, staring into nothing, talking to bro), then at around 14:50 v tired but felt alert by the time in bed to nap. Tiredness stayed till about 18:00 but working through it was way easier than usual due to the intense focus.

When I’m tired I usually ditz around the internet rather than whatever I want to do. But my work was easy. It was fun work, mostly. Choices are bad.

(Felt alert while watching film afterwards with friend)

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