Day 45: Creatine

Took first creatine supplement. Is pretty much totally harmless suplement that particularly assists vegetarians and vegans, and cos of my allergies to eggs, beans, nuts and basically all sources of protein but meat, i’m hoping it’ll help.

Feeling suddenly super tired as i write this.

Felt much tireder earlier (around 22:30) and slept then. Very vivid dreams. Woke up mostly naturally 20~ mins before 9 but super tired.

Data visualisation! Help with the excel for alertness data? have almost a month of it. tutorial link?

Legs ttoally dead dat morning run but could barely resist afternoon run it always feels much better than very fun.

generally pretty damn tired today and ysterday cos of phase delays and less sleep

, my fault. had been feeling good before then. Hope it’s okay.

when i fix my sleep I’ll use caffeine occasionalyl to get full energy effects.

Mindfulness is amazing.

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