Day 42: Energy Bottleneck Yesn’t

Energy was not a bottleneck today.

Rest day for excercise.

Music in the morning invegorating.

Felt pretty good and pretty happy. Unconcincidentally woke up at 09:00 as opposed to 8. Was still tired, wanted to sleep in longer despite i think going to sleep at around 23 or so.

Is the fall asleep in 2 minutes thing worth trying for 6 weeks?

Ate: morning: burger + rice krispies (no sugar) lunch: white rice + tomato stew + potato salad dinner: copy of the earlier.

3 thoughts on “Day 42: Energy Bottleneck Yesn’t

  1. Peter says:

    Optimizing for 1 minute sleep onset is a reasonable approach in free running sleep. You will risk a phase shift, but the quality of sleep might be amazing. However, this entire blog goes against this approach. You optimize for school, not for health. You need to get up at 8 am, so you need to go to sleep early, and you will always risk insomnia or even worse, premature waking (I do not recall this being a problem). In other words, the answer to “Is the fall asleep in 2 minutes thing worth trying” is: yes – if you strive at good sleep, and no – if you strive to get to school in time. Schools should simply allow for late arrival for long/late sleepers, but this is not likely to happen soon in the authoritarian system. Late arrival should be the right, esp. for teenagers who live in a physiologically incompatible latitude. Teens are notorious for phase shifts. Northern latitudes are notorious for sleep delays in winter. Even the Swedes/Finns struggle having been adapting for centuries


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