Day 40: Phase Delays

Today I had a lovely, natural lie in. I recall waking up to total silence (perhaps around 7-8am) then fell back to sleep to a ridiculously vivid dream (very stimulating talk with someone I haven’t spoken to in a while) and woke again proper vaguely around 0940 or so. Phase delays every day seems bad. new alarm at 09:00?

Late caffein (eg. 10am or so) = no desire for nap. waiting for natural afternoon energy dip is HORENDOUS for trying to plan the day.

Phase delays are so easy… I wrote this at 2300 with a clear, happy mind… It’d be lovely to be able to sleep later every day.

Excercise feels pretty great, I have been keeping up without fail the running in both the morning and at lunch-ish. Shorter runs in morning though.

Mid day calls are excellent for energy boost.

I will try listening to inspirational music apon waking

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