Day 39: Food Report

Not much to report today. Was not a very good day but looking back I don’t remember it being a deficit in energy at any point, especially considering the fairly large call density relative to normal.

For an insight into my diet: chocolate spread and butter sandwich for breakfast, maybe half a pizza for lunch and 3 fairly huge brownies for dinner. For most of the week I’ve been eating very healthy rice and chicken and plantain so today is an anomaly I think.

Wake up is rough and noisy. Wearing earmuffs all night is very janky, would it be very harmful to make my watch beep at 6am so I can put on my earmuffs and white noise and then immediately fall back to sleep, so that at 8 or so when everyone is noisy I don’t wake up?

Also: my judgements on my sleep are causing much suffering — maybe even by a factor of x20 times worse than the raw experience.

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