Day 38: Hallucinatory Wake-Up

What is the barrier between wake and sleep? What is the barrier between sleep and wake?

Something that happens strangely often is I will feel like I am “thinking” in bed for hours instead of sleeping, then I’ll check my watch and it’s like 3am! Did I actually sit awake thinking for 3 hours? No, because the subjective time was far less than that. Like 8 times as fast. I wonder what this represents. Maybe in my readoption of podcasts I haven’t had enough silence and brain still needs thinkin time.

Choices Are Bad, and likely contributing to tiredness. Preemtively eliminating choices for me seems important. I have a limited amount of “spoons”, must spend wisely.

Sitting Is Bad.

Spent a large, large amount of time in voice call today and it was great, high energy ratings for the duration of it.

Slept in today as well. When to get out of bed? When to take caffeine? Have barely felt tired at all around nap-expected time so skipped today too (was in call then). Procrastinated ages on getting out of bed. Should i have stayed in and rested? maybe.

Both runs were excilerating today.

One thought on “Day 38: Hallucinatory Wake-Up

  1. Peter says:

    I like to have 40 identical T-shirts. Never worry which one to choose. When it comes to #1 priority job for today, I love all the milliseconds spent on picking up the best one. The difference in value between #1 and #2 may be huge. Moreover, each time you make a choice you get better at making choices. High priority choices are great. Choices need freedom. This is why freedom fosters intelligence.


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