Day 33: Resentment Incubation Fluctuation

Title is in reference to the probably decreasing amount of resentment I am feeling for silly lack of energy meat cage as I cope with the fact that I am only a faccet, an appendige of the larger me and must respect and work with the parts I can’t control.

Podcasts, how did I forget about sweet podcasts? People are difficult, podcasts are easy and everpresent. Podcasts kept me sane in my loneliness pre-LessWrong, I will return to them in this dire hour of need as my tribe is still hatching. It is a slow process, I cannot afford to either a) be insane with lonliness b) cover up insanity with netflix / binge eating every day until I have tribe. I’ll listen to inspirational stuff, like the Matt D’Avalla Podcast and Tim Ferris / Naval Ravikant.

From around 12:00 – 18:00 I’d note there’s a dip in energy, probably interesting.

I like the outdoors and want more of it.

I didn’t follow Plan. The IR was not energetic.

I’m thinking of upping caffeine, tolerance development is probably at play. Will try 125mg tomorrow apon waking (worry not, this was mostly inevitable yes? 125mg is still quite low in scheme of things).

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