Day 32: Timeskip

(If you’ve been following my style, you’ll notice that the full title for today should be Retroactive Illegality Pt.2 — Timeskip )

Am building up a resistance to running which isn’t very nice. I realise it’s likely because I don’t do a warm up lap, thus there’s resistnace to even getting out of bed, knowing mere minutes later I will have to be moving. I will be doing one walking lap from now to reduce friction.

Are your legs supposed to always be kind of sort of sore?

Skipped nap attempt because sadness. Did not want to be alone with thoughts so watched netflix for 2~ hours instead.

I had forgotten about the deep value of willpowerless systems, something incredibly useful to me in my ongoing werewolf problem.

Title of the post is in referrence to how each day feels like it’s passing in about a minute, with the poll of hour alert i’m feeling feeling like it’s coming up once a second when it’s really once an hour… time is passing so quickly. Oh and also focusme activated at 21:30, I did some Supermemo and BOOM it was 23:00. Was a very strange feeling. (I was predomatinately learning about emotional maintenance and problem solving, believe it or not)

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