Day 30: Mood Stabilisation — Silence is Deadly

Day 30 would be a good day for a long range retrospective from a month of experimentation. But I am totally out of it.

Looking back, it seems I was poorly off, became really, really great around the middle, then sacrificed that greatness in exchange for trying to nap, and have been experiencing that sacrifice since. And it’s not fun.

Today was total unfiltered fatigue from the moment of waking to now, 12 or so hours later. I should have 4 more hours of being awake, right? But tiredness is it. And tiredness + too little social contact still = feeling incredibly sad and powerless all day.

Went to sleep around midnight again. Later than previously.

Was really tired when alarm went off in the morning at 08:00 in time for run before school. Was basically asleep.

I do not like this. I am not happy.

I want to go back to 14:00 caffeine.

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