Day 29: Interstellar Day Pt. 2 — Adventures in (Circadian) Time Distortion

Monday was a rest day. I did not run at all for the first time in weeks, and my body was like “what? huh? What?” and appropriately made me feel very pumped at about 22:30 to 00:00, going to sleep the latest I have in a while. I still did walk and get sunlight, but I think my body is used to… generating enough energy for 2 runs that without them the energy is there unused but i can’t sleep? Pseudoscience for the win :sunglassess:

I feel very happy and decently energetic now, so the 100mg caffeine’s doing it’s job.

I waste a lot of time on pre-nap stuff so I’m gonna do an hour of IR before nap, and aim for about 15:30. I know it’s wrong to try and get these thigns down to the dot but I’m really used to schedduling things and I really, really like it — i guess like most I’m not a fan of unpredictability.

Am spending more time working in daylight of late, which is good.

I have a bunch of alertness data for the past week now. Not graphified yet.

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