Day 24: Exercise Extravaganza!

I did three laps in a row today! That’s the most I’ve ever done in a row! And it was pretty darn fun. I was barely present for most of it, my mind spinning up ideas and conclusions, which isn’t great, but suffice it to say it was good because it wasn’t painful.

I ran those before lunch, about 5-6 hours from waking, with the intention of tiring myself out for nap as woz reccomeneded. I’m quite fond of my morning run habit however, so did those morning laps too.

I was pretty exhausted right after I got back inside laid in bed but not much success, and then food glorious food boosted be back into not-tired, so the nap attempt i did make an hour and a bit later was not particularly better than normal. Only day one of proper late morning excercise though!

Two questions:

  1. Blue light before nap
  2. Excitement before nap. Do they matter

Woke up at 6:20 exhausted out of my mind. Prudent to note I think that when I checked the time I was *thoroughly* confused it wasn’t 2am or so, which shows just how much I must’ve blacked out.

I broke the no Netflix challenge, I was feeling very down last night. I watched two episodes of Phineas and Ferb on Disney Plus. It was magnificent. Today I did not feel down after about 1h from waking.

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