Day 23: Non-Philosophical Angst

I’ve been feeling bad and sad because of mild caffeine withdrawl from stopping afternoon caffeine. That’s it.

Isn’t that gloriously simple?

My angst in the last two days has not been ~~solely~~ because I’ve been reading too much philosophy :P .

The lack of afternoon caffeine is freeing in that its relieving to not have to guess if that’s causing me to be awake later. It’s one potentially chaotic variable eliminated.

I got into bed for a nap attempt quite late at 15:50~, expecting only to stay in bed for a brief ten minutes.

I stayed in bed for an hour (not sleeping!)

I recently deleted all messaging apps from my phone, and am on an extended Netflix break. As such it felt like there was nothing waiting for me, nothing to check, no reason for move. So continuously when I polled my brain for if it wanted to get up, the best option to stay still and keep thinking.

I went for a walk afterwards which ended up turning into another 2 laps on top of the ones I did in the morning, which probably contributed to a rather clear minded evening with some SuperMemo and coding.

Oh an the me-going-to-sleep later is almost definitely because of not respecting the dedicated protected zone activity of movie with bro well enough. Without that it leads to indecision, resulting in faffing around.

I don’t terribly love the waiting-for-me-to-be-tired-to-get-into-bed-for-nap strategy. It feels like making a thousand micro decisions rather than one simple one. Can’t I just get into bed at 7th hour of being awake, and set a timer for 20 minutes then see how I feel? Yes, I think I will do that.

One thought on “Day 23: Non-Philosophical Angst

  1. raj says:

    What I like to do before bed often is: IR where I stop when I notice that I’ve started skipping topics (with ctrl+shift+j) because I feel too tired to handle them today. Otherwise incremental video is good but I don’t know how you decide the stopping time.

    I guess you can’t take night walks or I’d suggest that. Maybe meditation?

    Or writing in a journal?

    Or listen to some music without lyrics (can give recommendations)

    Or read some stoicism/similar class of non-addicting non-fiction (though you’d need to get paper books)

    You could also have bath in protected zone

    Or learn to draw

    Or think about whatever your ancestors would have done 200 years ago and do that

    oh whoops this is for nap not night sleep. well hopefully some of those are still sort of applicable


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