Day 20: Napotage

I sabotaged another nap through the use of pre-nap caffeine.

Afternoon caffeine is screwing me I think. Past two days have been worse overall fatigue in ages, like, terrificially hard to even think of getting up type caffeine at 18:00, and the delayed afternoon caffeine is not a coincidience I think.

I really, *really* liked the clearheadness into the evening the 14:00 caffeine brought, but I’ll have to seriously dial it back a bit while I give naps a bigger focus.

Woke up today at 08:00, worked outside in the sunlight for 30+ minutes too. General energy was poor though, particularly by tasklist / email time, when energy requirements are most important. I really really like the long focused IR slot, but since IR is inherently easier than tasklist I’ll try push it earlier and have tasklist closer to lunch.

(Nap around 15:30ish)

One thought on “Day 20: Napotage

  1. raj says:

    If you take caffeine before nap, I don’t think it’s useful to think of what you’re doing as a nap but instead of as just sitting there resting. 0 chance you’ll actually be able to fall asleep, and if you do, anything going on will be not useful.


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