Day 18: Caffeine O’Clock

I *basically* have sufficient energy for most of the day these days, since increasing the caffeine to 75mg. 14:00 caffeine went very well and I am hesistant to move it, and fail to truly understand that naps could be so important as to warrant a shifting of my golden caffeine hour. I did not attempt a nap today due to derailment of Plan.

Still I did though. Today I took my 25mg caffeine at 15:00, and as I write this at 20:42, experiencing a significant homeostatic dip. Lets see if I’ll be able to sleep by 23:00.

The two laps of running (about 10ish minutes) is becoming easier. Should I try to run faster, longer, or is it fine as it is?

I’ve also been working outside in the sunlight more. I’ll aim to do this everyday, particularlly immediately in the morning.

Online school still exists, as such it is optimal for me to wake up by 08:20.

School has been marked as the causer of night stress 2 days in a row. I must resolve.

Maybe relevant to note that I was woken up at 4am by my sister and mum having a row. This isn’t exceptionally rare (ironically it was my mum shouting at my sister to go to sleep). I remember using my normal sleep mask with the Bluetooth and then waking up with a horrible pain in my ear a while later. I need to follow up the custom earplugs thread though I’ve been struggling with doing tasklist slot. In retrospect i am experiencing an energy dip by the time that comes up in Plan.

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