Day 17: Nap Prioritisation

Naps are very very very important, says friend.

Naps are vital for 2nd half of day productivity, says Woz. (misquote? Lemme know :P)

I don’t see the appeal. They seem like a hassle to implement and the conflict with the caffeine is unideal.

The days I woke up in the 7am hour, the 2-3:30ish nap slot was great. I’d prefer to wake up earlier than later (because I still have online school).

Short post today because I left it too late but main change then normal is took afternoon caffeine 30 mins later to favour nap. The nap wasn’t great at all, though I felt a dip in energy about 30-60mins later. Daily Plan is going better, and protected zone from 21:30 with only movie is going very optimal. Felt high energy for most of the day.

One thought on “Day 17: Nap Prioritisation

  1. raj says:

    I think taking caffeine at 3 or 4 is valid, or at least for me it is with yerba mate. Half life of caffeine is around 5 hours so if you don’t take too much you’re safe. At the least, that’s what experience tells me. I would recommend trying it at slowly later times and seeing if anything happens (within reason, going past 4 would be riskier though for me that’s fine).

    Since you felt a dip 30-60 minutes later, you’re likely timing the naps poorly. Try initiating them when you feel low sleep latency if there is common time that happens.

    Remember that all caffeine does is suppress homeostatic sleepiness; sleep is required to resolve it.



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