Day 16: Naps vs Caffeine

Woke up at 8:30ish today. Wonder what to make of that. I slept at around 23:20.

Felt okay for most of the day.

But my school is closed until at least mid February, most likely longer! So theoretically, I have some time for chronotherapy if that’s something I wanted. Theoretically.

A problem I’m having is on caffeine vs naps. I think for me napping in 7-8th hour would be ideal, as when I did that the other day it was quite glorious (din’t actually fall asleep but the rest was glorious) but if I’m taking caffeine *after* the nap then I wouldn’t be tired anyhow. And I need to make my pre-nap activity not incredibly exciting, like email has been. I will try typing practice then.

As for the timing of the caffeine. I’ve found 14:00 to be ideal, making the circadian dip around 22:00ish which is perfect. I don’t want to take the nap *before* 14:00, because that’s too early, same with at 14:00 excactly, but any time after that the caffeine would’ve kicked in anyway. I think my best option is probably shifting the same amount of caffeine to 14:30, and napping excactly then. Making sure to continue taking caffeine *immediately* apon waking. Not sure about that though.

I think Woz reccomends taking caffeine in the afternoon only after AND if you nap because you need slihgtly less night sleep if you can successfully initiate evening nap. If I don’t actually initiate nap, taking caffeine later than 14:00 seems bad. Thoughts?

I’m trying this for a new plan that’s less dense with less rapid switching to make things easier:

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