Day 15: Natural Early Wakeup?

I’m currently writing this at 07:38, having woken up naturally at 7:20. For clarity, this is very much a good thing. What on earth?

Things that may’ve contributed: my stomach was rumbling as I woke up, my last “meal” (I was georging on cookies) was at about 15:00 the night before, with a long walk afterwards *probably* burning them off? Nevertheless I didn’t want to completely starve so I topped off with another cookie at 21:30.

Homeostatic set in around 21:00 yesterday (may’ve been earlier but couldn’t tell cos on call) and I did my protected zone routine that has been proven to work (watching a movie, Pixar movie to be precise.) and fell asleep around 23:00.

I think the combination of the hunger + *finally* getting used to the morning sunlihgt and excercise did something! Consistency for the win? Caffeine contributing to sharp homeostatic dropoff ftw?

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