Day 14: Hyperspeed

Naturally woke up today at 07:50 for whatever reason (probably anxious about school) and felt pretty good! Did the 2 laps in the early sunrise and that was that.

Speed in 2 contexts: me wanting more speed during the day, and the incredible speed my body feels like it’s at given the news I just received. Since it’s relatively up in the air I will wait a couple days to say what it is (gotta adjust my desire to perfectly match what is feasible in reality after all), but relevant to mention because my body feels like it’s going a thousand miles a minute right now in what should be almost protected zone. We will see how this effects sleep. Perhaps I should put upper limit on calls and communication to about 20:30 to avoid things like these happening.

Today was also a pretty good day attention wise. I felt quite anxious through most of this, not sure whether cos of caffeine or first day of online school.

Felt pretty good most of the day. Caffeine for the win. Last night the homeostatic drop was pretty sudden at around 22:30 which is pretty ideal.

I’m thinking of taking an extended siesta around 3-5, given the relative dip in attention then. Sort of did that today.

This may be a self-fulling prophecy, I can’t tell (and online school’s intereference is very likely to be a compounding factor) but my Plan may in fact be too dense. I’ll be extending some slots asap.

Sidenote: my learn drive is more feverrent than ever. So much to learn! I end every nigh only desperate for more Incremental Reading. Long live supermemo!

Here’s a nice 2 week view of the data collected so far:

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