Day 12: Sight Drugification

I got a glasses prescription today :)

It was magical. I could see a thousand colours and look through walls… okay I couldn’t but everything was really HD it was fabulous. I mention this incase my poor vision has been decreasing the amount of bluelight that can enter my eye, then decreasing my sensitivity to daylight zeitgibers. Would be wonderful if it was that easy. I will be receiving the glasses on day 19. I am slightly shortsighted. The number was about -1.00.

Today was a pretty great feeling day. Factors that may’ve contributed:

  • working outside in the sunglight for about 30 mins in the morning (until i had to go in cos of the cold)
  • upped the caffeine. 75mg in one go apon waking and 25mg at 2pm. (note ifi my dip before was 3-5pm than taking the caffeine earlier could be antithetical to succesfful nap initiation… but also mostly the goal is to push circadian earlier)

Also, I have another week off school! Essentially. So I have more time for morning jogs and whatnot.

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