Day 8: Vitamin P

I woke up today at around 1am, watched Netflix for what was apparently an hour and a half, then went back to sleep. (I woke up after a really realistic hallucination where’d I’d been talking with a friend over the phone and he’d gotten hurt. Go figure)

I notice I’d fallen off the Vitamin D taking waggon. As a dark-skin lad living in sunlight-barren December Britain, this is obviously an easy problem to fix. I’ve orderd high strength 4000IU Vitamin D’s coming tomorrow.

As I write this at 20:19, I feel rather happy, and tired but not too terribly (still editing the post ten minutes later and funnily enough, homeostatic dip — at least I think its homeostatic). Likely the 25mg caffeine at 14:00. Loving that dopamine.

One problem is that the Netflix shows I watch at night are rather addictive. Far more interesting than the podcast I tried listening to in darkness. I will try to formally end the days work at 19:00, leaving a comfortable 3 hour gap each evening in which to watch fun stuff.

As for stress in the protected zone, I’ve largely solved that with moving Discord and Email far earlier (and finally basically drawing to a close the most stressful effort I’ve had to make maybe forever).

As always, morning exercise marches on. Did I mention I went on a massive bike ride yesterday? Around the afternoon.

As suggested by dear commenter “Peter”, I’ve added in a few more fields.

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