Day 7: The Werewolf Problem

A lot of my faults in sleep hygeine come from being a completely different person when tired versus when not. I can make as many plans as I want to put on sleep mask and play white noise during the night when I’m feeling okay, but tired-me has a completely different utility function: not moving. I need to more thoroughly take this into account when making plans.

Uncoincidentally, the one day in which I was pretty much perfect with the sleep mask white noise and protected zone in the night was the day in which I felt the best (as long as having a late morning wake up). So my mission now is to repeat the variables of that day.

I now see the appeal of a night routine, and I need a shelling point to ensure I do it, and that point must be BEFORE I’m tired. The first iteration of the routine will be:

  • Brush teeth
  • change clothes
  • put on sleep mask

Incase you’re curious, here is the data for my alertness tracking over the past 3 days (it quizzes me 2/3 of the times I log on) :

Any conclusions?

I will be readjusting my lights to assist me in becoming much dimmer post 8.

I have kept up very consistently with the morning running, accompanied by a fairly long walk with me today after, but it’s not working in wanting me to wake up earlier, likely because of my poor respect for protected night zone. I’ve added onto my tasklist the importance of correcting this.

If there are things I am missing in these logs to make them more valuable please comment with what they are.

One thought on “Day 7: The Werewolf Problem

  1. Peter says:

    There are two aspects of alertness to track: (1) daily cycle show on a correctly proportioned time axis, and (2) daily averages on a monthly timeline. (1) will show what can be done to improve the cycle, or provide an alert on the misalignment. (2) would help track overall progress (even though, alertness ratings are very subjective and will change over time)


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