Day 5: Delayed Soul Relief

I feel wonderful! Unconcidentally, I had an ideal protected zone (watching a moderately relaxing movie with my brother — incase you’re wondering, yes it was Pixar’s Soul, and it was amazing!!) and woke up the most natural I have in ages, which was quite late!

My body’s adjusting to the excercise VERY quickly and did 2 laps around the park non-stop (that’s about 10 minutes of running i reckon?) then a nice walk in the sunlight. I will hopefully be experimenting with doing morning reps outside more.

Food gives me energy. For some reason I’ve been averse to snacks, and forcing myself to eat more at breakfast 1) as a zeitgiber and 2) so i don’t have to snack until lunch, but that aversion is unbased! I’m not fat and snacks give me energy, so i’ve been using them to keep going in morning work and creativity :)

I have the alertness tracker up and running, polling and collecting my alertness with a 2/3 chance every time i log on during the day. It seems a bit buggy as of right now, though I am thinking of adding a field (what were you just doing?) to make the data more useful.

And am doing better at not touching my own bed until I am actually about to sleep.

One thought on “Day 5: Delayed Soul Relief

  1. Peter says:

    Remember to write down all the best aspects of the day to the last details. You never know if the good day repeats tomorrow or in a month. Try to transfer good habits from good days to bad days, never the other way around. If you need a big breakfast on a good day, you probably really need a big breakfast. On a bad day, food can cover up for misery. This day provides your first good habit collection template!


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