Day 3: Noise Reduction – Frequency

I was woken up at about 7:30 today (an hour and a half earlier than expected) by the crashing sound of roaring busses outside my open window.

To prevent this ever happening again I’ll be trying to ensure the radiator’s off as early as possible so that I don’t have to open the window for the room to be cool enough to sleep (though as there’s two people in a small room it inevitably, unfortunately heats up. perhaps I should consider never using bed sheets? Or always using lighte are ones?)

earplugs are still likely to fall out though, have contacted doctor about potentially getting custom fit ones.

I realise I’d forgotten the point of white noise was to cover up as many sound frequencies as possible, so I’ll be using that consistently instead of my beloved LA2 by Mobi

Note on food: Whenever I eat it gives a significant boost in energy for perhaps 30 minutes to an hour after eating. Piotr Wozniak says its unwise to use food to cover up sleep deprivation as that is what I’m trying to measure, though the boost is quite nice

Tracking sleep has shown me i’m notorious for forced awakenings. I will be trying using earplugs + whitenoise + sleep mask today to prevent that.

my phone ran out of charge, and the earplugs fell out. I think its likely the earplugs will fall out again and will be trying to

Quite liked the caffeine configuration (75mg morning, 12.5 (tiny tiny) post nap slot) and will try it a couple more days

Slots added to sheet: alertness apon waking, alertness during creative morning slot, and post excercise alertness (will be harder to measure since go straight into meal from downstairs… is the detail too much?)

Am considering opening a google form on every unlock of laptop over the day and asking my alertness and charting that across the hours to provide data on alertness in a graphical form

Protected zone is still very succeptible to joking around with brother at the current moment.

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