Day 2: Noise Reduction

My pillows are incredily uncomfortable, I woke up today with an ache in my neck.

Increasing excercise in the morning

I am doing well at this, running for another 15ish minutes immeidately apon waking, rather strenously. And I think my body’s getting more used to it as its craving to go on runs throughout the day as well.

Increasing protected zone of stress in the night

I am doing rather poorly at this. a) Discord is quite an entertaining and exciting and stresfful platorm which I should go on earlier. I will be setting up measures to ensure this happens.

2) I often play and laugh and joke with my brother at night and its hard to imagine doing otherwise. If I push discord earlier, than 8-9 will be free, and I

took 100mg in the morning in teh same configaration I did yesterday. Was really, really anxious at points (maybe 3 hours after the caffeine), though my poor planning may have contributed.

Total crash came around 19:00, but I still had stuff to do (such as this and replying to emails) so I will be working to ensure I respect my communication slot IN THE MORNING so that I decidedly DON’T have a pile-up of semi-urgent things come night that’ll sleep their stress into my sleep.

Tracking sleep has shown me i’m notorious for forced awakenings. I will be trying using earplugs + whitenoise + sleep mask today to prevent that.

Thank you for reading

One thought on “Day 2: Noise Reduction

  1. repeated failures aren’t great, what happened with the nap? did you just not try/caffeine got in the way? I’d make simple rule of spending 5 minutes in bed around the time you expect there to be a dip and if you feel like it just get up and if you feel like you could sleep then stay. though you would need to work on noise for it to be achievable too I think

    for cold showers, you might want to accompany them with wim hoff breathing which makes the cold much more tolerable:
    though does requires some experimentation


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