Day 1: Increasing Excercise

Currently I theorise that my circadian rhythm wants me to go to sleep around 0000 and wake up around 0900. This will be impractical if we can’t get my school to let me wake up later than 0700, which would be ideal.

My current priority is to get my circadian rythm to get me waking up happily and fresh (what a dream) BY nine and not necessarily any earlier. To do this i’ll be:

  • Increasing excercise in the morning
  • Increasing protected zone of stress in the night

Today I did this by moving my Discord checking slot earlier in the day instead of later, meaning I won’t need to be worried about replying to a bunch of people right before bed, and by doing one and a half laps around the park outside my house immediately apon waking, then going to a meal. This was quite intensive.

I took 100mg of caffeine in two points, 50mg immediately apon waking and 50mg 40 mins after and i feel okay, though the tiredness is still there. Here’s my chart for today, I’ll be posting soon on gingerjumble how I made opening this to track very easy

Each + sign between the caffeine represnets 10 minutes.

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